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Manjula Reddy Nookala

Educator & Assistant Principal

Manjula Reddy Nookala is an experienced Assistant Principal with a demonstrated history of working in education as an administrator and teacher. Skilled in lesson planning, educational technology, tutoring, curriculum development, and public speaking, Manjula has dedicated her career to improving education for her students. She has a history of creating a curriculum and learning environment that prepares her students for success both in and outside of the classroom. Her language skills in Hindi, Spanish and Telugu also help her communicate effectively with a wide variety of students. Manjula’s career has provided her with over 10 years of leadership experience and over 15 rewarding years of Secondary & Post-secondary teaching experience. 

Although she didn’t know it at the time, her passion for education began when she was twelve years old and she ‘convinced’ the neighborhood students to attend tutoring with her. Manjula Reddy Nookala completed her undergraduate studies at the University of Texas at Arlington in 2002. Originally planning to become an engineer, she earned a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics, Computer Science & Engineering. She began teaching almost on a dare, and never looked back, deciding to further her own education in the field. In 2007, Manjula earned her Master of Education degree in  Educational Administration from Grand Canyon University in Phoenix, Arizona. She then earned a second advanced degree in 2011. Manjula Reddy Nookala earned her Master of Science in Mathematics Education from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania’s Drexel University. 

Manjula gained tangible skills through her work experience. Over the years, she has been employed at many fine schools, allowing her to connect with and influence students at various levels of education. Manjula spent some time as a high school teacher, focusing in mathematics and science. Her first job was at O D Wyatt High School in Fort Worth, Texas, and from there she’s had the pleasure of educating students in many states across the country. At Mastery Charter High School in Philadelphia, she increased the passing percentage from 35% to 52%. In addition to teaching, she was also an active part of the school community with each job she had. Manjula was the Athletic Director at Mastery Charter High School, and at Mariana Bracetti Academy, she was the Senior Village Lead, Curriculum Coordinator and Recruitment Coordinator. 

Experience teaching at the college level helped Manjula gain valuable skills that she still uses today, but she eventually returned to her roots in high school education. In 2012, Manjula Reddy Nookala began her career as an Assistant Principal at Del Valle High School in Texas. It was a large urban high school with 2400 students and over 200 employees. Since August 2015, she joined Hill Country Middle School in Austin, Texas, as their Assistant Principal. Currently, Manjula enjoys working as the Assistant Principal for Arcadia High School in Scottsdale, Arizona.  

Manjula Reddy Nookala lives by the belief that without a contradictory impression, there is nothing to awaken reflection. This famous quote from philosopher Plato is a motto she tries to instill in her students, as well.