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It’s possible that you might have heard about how eLearning is changing education in America. The education system has been needing to change for a long time. EdTech, short for education technology, is giving educators new resources for educating young minds. Keep reading to take a look at some eLearning trends that have become the norm or are starting to become the norm. 

Mobile Learning Opportunities

Mobile learning opportunities are starting to become more prevalent in society. Many people think that kids will mostly be educated through mobile learning at some point in the future. Children can receive an education online without having to leave home and the educational opportunities are just as engaging as the ones that involve educators being present physically. There are also hybrid learning opportunities that combine some in-person learning with mobile or online learning opportunities. 

Video-Based Learning

Video-based learning is going to continue to become a bigger part of education. Kids are able to get a lot of information through watching videos instead of just having to read about things. For many children, this will be a more engaging way to learn about an important topic. It’s good to provide a mix of traditional reading-based learning with video-based learning to entice young minds. 

Game-Based Learning

Game-based learning is great because it allows kids to fully engage with activities, while learning about important topics. Video games really interest kids and they can be a force for good when used properly. There are many educational games that can help kids to learn about mathematics, science, and so much more. Game-based learning is getting more popular all the time and it is certainly not going to be going anywhere. 

Adaptive Learning

Adaptive learning technology allows students to get a tailored educational experience that meets their needs. Some EdTech makes use of AI and augmented reality to take this adaptive learning approach to the next level. What’s important to know is that EdTech makes it easier for kids to learn at a pace that is comfortable for them. Gifted kids will be able to continue to be challenged, while kids who need a bit more help will always have the right tools to learn.