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Robots are entering the classroom and they are here to help teach our students learn more effectively. Even more surprising is that they are offering encouragement to students in new and different ways than ever before.

Adults might not be a fan of machines that don’t speak more than a few sentences and aren’t naturally perceptive. But the fact of the matter is that children are more liable to chat with, listen to, and treat even the most basic of robots as sentient beings.

Changing Crowded Classrooms

Don’t be fooled: the robots are not here to replace teachers. Instead, they are being developed so that they can provide the important one-on-one attention that students in larger classes may not get. This can be highly beneficial for students who have learning disabilities or are learning a different language.

Robot tutors may also be able to offer assistance in areas where there is a shortage of human experts. These robots can display the patience and nurturing that some teachers may not be able to naturally provide to students, especially in crowded situations.

They May Not Be Widely Available

One of the problems with new forms of technologies is that, at least initially, they may not make it to the vast majority of classrooms. This is because, as with other forms of new technology, they can be very expensive initially. This can make it impossible for schools that are underfunded.

While eventually they should come down enough in price to implement on a wider spectrum, that could take decades. This is a shame because the benefits that students can enjoy with these tutor bots is something that seems to have a lot of potential.

It will be interesting to see just what these teaching robots will be able to offer our students. It will also be interesting to see how widely they will be implemented as well as how they will be received both initially and over time.