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You have probably heard about the Internet of Things (IoT) and how important it is. You might not be aware of the ways that the IoT is currently being used in education, though. Take a look below at the following ways that the IoT can help to change education. They’ll show you just how much this technology is starting to push things forward.


Coders will love being able to learn using the tools that Tynker provides. Kids will be able to play with visual code blocks and can eventually learn how to use these blocks to learn coding languages. It’s an interesting approach to learning about coding that is only possible due to the IoT.


LocoRobo is a very intriguing project that you should be paying attention to. This involves using robotics to teach students about coding languages. People can be given the necessary tools to build interesting IoT projects of their own. It’s projects such as this that showcase how the IoT can be used to take learning to the next level.


You might know that Blackboard is a special learning environment system that is being used in many schools. This is used in K-12 schools and it’s also used prominently in colleges. This is useful for many different things and it can help create virtual classrooms. People use Blackboard to create interactive tools where educators can interact with students online very easily.


Magicard is an interesting piece of IoT tech that is helpful in the educational world. This creates different smart cards that can be used to give students access to various facilities. It can also keep track of attendance, time, and other important information. Using Magicard eliminates the need for paperwork and using the IoT makes this important information easily accessible.


Promethean is a company that is creating interactive displays that educators can use as they do chalkboards or whiteboards. They are very intuitive and it’s exciting to have a piece of IoT tech that can be used in so many dynamic days. This helps to bring the concept of a whiteboard into the modern era with more bells and whistles. Teachers can waste fewer resources while being able to provide visual demonstrations of what they’re trying to teach the class.