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Manjula Reddy Nookala Smartwatches

Cheating has been an issue in schools worldwide for as long as schools have existed. This is because there will always be students looking to get an advantage when it comes to testing time.

Back in the day, students might try to hide notes until test time. Some would even scribble notes on their arms and hands in order to get those extra answers that might propel them to a higher grade than they otherwise would have gotten.

The Emergence of Wearable Tech

Unfortunately for educators, the evolution of technology has changed the way that cheating takes place. Now, there are smartphones that kids can use to find the answer to just about anything in a moment. Not only that, but there are hidden cameras that can be used coupled with microphones to communicate with someone outside the room.

What’s worse is that, as the price of these technologies goes down, they become more readily available. This means that cheating through means such as these will only increase and become more sophisticated. That leads to added pressure for educators when it comes to test time.

Smart Watches Get Banned

One of the most common ways for test-takers to cheat is through the use of smartwatches. They function on nearly the same level as a smartphone, but since they are worn as watches, students can look up information in a stealthy manner.

Smartwatches are powerful tools that can give students access to everything from images to specific test answers at a moment’s notice. Because of these capabilities, they have created huge headaches for educators everywhere.

As smartwatches become more commonplace, they will likely wind up getting banned by schools across the globe. There is just too much potential for cheating when students wear them, and this creates hassles for teachers in the classroom.

The way that technology keeps progressing, it may not be too long before educators are completely handcuffed when it comes to cheating students. But for now, it’s another technology on the banned list.